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YoungDelft is the TU Delft network organisation for all staff members of 36 years of age and younger. We aim to be the compass for our colleagues, pointing them in the right direction so that they can realise the most from themselves and from the organisation. We do this by organising events for networking, exploring, and mixing between members of the academic and support staff, as well as by building peoples’ competencies.

The organisation started in 2007 as a platform for networking among Dutch support staff (with as general chair Michiel Munnik), but in 2012, under new general chair Rudy Negenborn, YoungDelft reinvented itself as a space for all young employees of TU Delft under the age of 36. The goal of the organisation then became to help employees to get to know each other and develop their skills. The Young Delft board comprised volunteers from across the university. “The diversity in backgrounds (both in positions, as well as in cultural background/nationality) of the board adds value to the activities undertaken,” said Rudy Negenborn, the chairperson of Young Delft in 2012/2013. The organisation then hosted events such as ‘Speeddating the Board of Directors’ and the ‘TU History Event & Boat Tour’. Moreover, in 2013 a successful New Year’s Lunch, Secret Places Walk, and regular Cool Colleague Cafés were organized. Cool Colleague cafés have been changed to Happy Hours but are continued more or less the same way as before. The Board of YoungDelft decided to organize at least 6 main events during the year and 6 happy hours but since new ideas come up in the board very often, more events are usually organized. BoostCamp is a big event which takes place every other year. For the list of the events an annual report have been created which will be uploaded soon on the website.

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